Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Brighton Marathon, cool going on toasty!!

Brighton marathon was my first marathon for 2013. Arriving at Sussex University nice and early on the Sunday morning for the park and ride, I jumped onto the bus to the start. A dry and overcast morning so I opted for long sleeve compression top and charity vest. I hung around the start area like a groupie waiting to see if I could spot any fellow friends running. It wasnt long until I found Brian Watson who was running his first marathon in aid of the CATS Foundation. Surely after I found Dave Coombes who was also running his first marathon.The start was pretty uneventful accept for seeing the Elites come past from their separate start area. We immediately made a loop round Preston Park, before heading into the city centre. The crowds were great here and a nice early push before heading up the hill towards Rottingdean. This is the point I realized my long sleeve compression top was a bad choice!! Just before mile 10 I binned the top off and continued in my vest back into the city centre. Just before half way out the front of the Thistle hotel, I saw the front running Elites heading to the finish! Wow they were motoring. This is when I found the course a little dull and boring with two out and back stretches on the similar routes. Although the course was rammed full of partying supporters which made it more enjoyable. After 20 miles the sun was really at its height, and I was glad not only to have removed my top, but also that I had brought along my running cap. Which I swiftly put on. The last few miles along the seafront were tough and the Pier just didn’t seem to be getting closer. Eventually it did get closer and shortly after finished in a steady 4hrs 41. An ok course which can be a bit uninspiring but the crowd makes up for it!

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