Saturday, 4 February 2012

The last few days

Hello all.

Again been a few days since my last blog. So, after Tuesdays rest day it was back to the gym on Wednesday. Another spinning session to enjoy. I wasn't expecting to much from the spinning session, as I've been suffering with a bit of a sore throat. So approaching the class I decided I would maybe not give it my all. One hour later and everything had been given. The computer screen on the spinning bike confirming I had burnt 744 calories! The highest amount yet in my spinning!! As a reward I enjoyed a nice dish of chargrilled chicken and veg!
Thursday became a rather long day. My days work was 150 miles away on the other side of Ipswich. It ended up being a 12 hour day and I was desperate to still go out and do my planned run. Back at home at 7pm, I changed and hit the roads. & miles later and I was done. Not a great run, but a run none the less.
Friday and the throat was still not better, so decided to have another rest day and got a curry in. Not enjoyable in the end. Should of cooked! Still it should provide some sort of fuel for Saturdays run?!
Saturdays run was going to be cold. With the weather predicted for the coming day it was better to get out sooner rather than later. My planned run was going to be a 14 mile loop of Aldershot and some of Farnborough, taking in the Blackwater Valley Path. Very cold out!! I wouldn't want to guess the temperature, but I'm pretty sure it had a minus symbol in front of it. After hitting the 13.1mile mark I decided I had had enough. The last two miles marked by intermittent stomach cramps. Again, not a great run.
It shows that sometimes, as much as you try to do the right things, it just doesn't go as planned. That said, I did enjoy the run, just not as much as others!

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