Saturday, 4 February 2012


I just wanted to air my feelings about sponsorship and my running.
Firstly, I do the running out of pure enjoyment. Most running events I will be competing I will do with out gaining any sponsorship. I will be doing it like this as not to annoy people by constantly asking for sponsorship money. Certain events I feel are a good time to ask for sponsorship. Mainly the bigger known events. As you are hopefully aware, my next event is the Asiscs Fleet Half Marathon. I decided to gain sponsorship for this for two reasons. Firstly its a local well known running event. An event that I'm sure you know of others who will be running it. You may even be running it yourself or going down to watch. If you are going down to watch, please cheer on myself and everybody else. You wont believe how much it means to the runners. Secondly, this will be my longest event since the Bupa Great South Run.
As for the actual sponsorship. I fully appreciate that some will not one to sponsor me. Everybody has there reasons to or not to sponsor me. Be it money problems, sponsoring somebody else already, not your chosen charity or you just don't like me! If you don't want to sponsor me, then just say no if I ask you! I'll probably delete you off Facebook and stick worms through your Nans letterbox, but I wont take offence!
I try to choose a charity that has a meaning to me. As a Cancer victim myself, I naturally gravitate towards the Cancer charity. There are many to choose from. All of which do great work to help others who are fighting the illness. My dedication to my running is equal to my dedication of gaining sponsorship for my chosen charity. So, I shall apologise now if I appear a bit full on asking for sponsorship.

Just remember this, would you rather be giving money for sponsorship than receiving the help it pays for?

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