Thursday, 20 March 2014

Buff Enigma Week at the Knees Day Four - The Hump One

57.2% Done!
Today was the first of two days at Furzton Lake. With it being the smallest of lakes, it's the one that seems like it will take an eternity. Unlike Willen and Caldecotte, which are 7 laps, Furzton is 17! Now I know what you are thinking, sod that. But personally, I think it may be my favourite lake. Despite the fact it has a tough little roller coaster bit to it every lap, and yesterday's hurricane force wind (authors artistic licence used), you do get to see much more of each other while running.

Day 3 I had picked up two blisters, which I managed to treat with surgical spirit. One had gone and one was on the retreat. A change of trainers and I felt good to run.

Four friends joined the race today for the day. It was fantastic to see Carrie,Carl, Mel and May ( May is doing the final 4)and it really lifted my spirits. The proverbial spring back into my step. However I was keen on the wind which seemed as powerful as being inside a tornado. (More licence, not been in a tornado, plane or twister)

We were off, I'd like to say that I flew out the gate all keen and had to rein myself in, but day 4 of 7, there was no risk of that!

My plan for the day was to run a lap, walk a lap. Repeat until Karen said I was done. Easy. Sort of.

After lap two, I needed a wee, so I had to trot off to the pub. How easy it would've been to stay there!! However I didn't, I went to my car, for headache tablets. Managing to avoid all temptation to regain my sanity!

Due to my enforced break and slow shuffle (which when I talk to the grand kids in 40 years, will be running like a gazelle across the open plains of the Serengeti, being chased by the lions, Steve, Jeremy and Rik!), Cat wasn't far behind lapping me. Her plan was the same as mine, but was doing walk then run and repeat. 

It seemed only right to natter and chatter again. From this point onwards I think other than the odd break, we ran walked together. Although I was a lap down. 

Inbetween our jolly going round and round the lake we would be joined by other runners for periods of time. Having a good catch up and cuddles with Mel, little chats with Carl and Carrie as they pushed on. May joined us on hers and Cats last laps. 

Once those guys finished, I thought I would catch Marathon Man, Trent. He was actually behind me, but my legs were feeling great, and it was an opportunity to see what was under me, so I shot off after the two ladies finished.

Now, bear in mind there was now 100 miles of running (sort of) in my legs. I some how managed to get into a 9.30min/mile pace. Comfortably my fastest pace for probably the last two marathons. I couldn't believe how good my legs felt. I soon caught Trent, where I had planned to have a little chat, but looking at my watch, realised I might just squeeze sub 6. So like a man possessed I blurted out a hello and carried on. Then remembered the hill! (Which feels more like Everest every lap) Naturally I walked most of it, I'm not stupid! 

Before getting to the top, I surprised myself and started running again. I bashed out the last few 100 metres and finished 71 seconds I believe over the sub 6. But I didn't care, I was back and four marathons out of seven done!! 6.01

It was great to see Rik Vercoe complete is 300th marathon. Steve Edwards was steady again today. Really is Mr Consistent. Jeremy not to far behind running in unknown territory like myself.

I must also say hello to the Silson Joggers. Somebody really does read this!! Stop yawning! 

I never thought I'd say this, but bring on day five!

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