Saturday, 22 March 2014

Buff Enigma Week at the knees Day Six - The Musical Boobies One

Relentless forward progress.

I'm starting to fall apart. I can't really complain though. What was I expecting to happen after 6 consequetive marathons?

The day started off with a massage from Vixx, who had kindly come down for the weekend to help us runners sort out our tired and beaten legs. It really helped and made standing on the start line easier. Although I was a bit behind on breakfast, but I had agreed to walk with James.

We are back at Caldecotte to run two days the normal route, so we walked down to the start line. Albeit casually.

James and I set out at the back, nursing our tired and beaten legs. The plan was to do 16min/mile pace. So we were off.

A good steady first lap saw us just 22secs off the pace, no worries. Not far into the second lap, we decided on a little run and got ahead if our pace. Also realising that our legs would allow us to run. Unfortunately not Gazelle like, as per the beginning of the week. But they were moving forward quicker than a walk. Just.

Start of the third lap and Fay had joined us for a walk when we heard this almighty smack! James had a look of anger and surprise on his face. Which quickly went, when he realised it was his running friend Jane! It was a loud smack. Right on the ass cheek.

Fay and Jane stayed with us, Fay dropping away after the weir. Jane and James had a good catch up, and we ran some more. We were slowly developing a good run walk strategy for the course. 

I also learnt about the Musical Boobies. Jane was wearing a running pack where on the front she had two speakers inside the drinks holder. Great idea, and I may have to try it myself!

James and I carried on going around and around the lake, now run walking. Jane would join us for a lap and Fay would walk with us for a bit. It all really helped and eventually we got day six done.

Vixx was at hand again and we both enjoyed a good leg massage afterwards.
Just the single marathon to go now and this huge challenge will be completed!

Finished the day in 6.39

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