Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Buff Enigma Week at the Knees Day Two - Oma's Marathon

Same course, different run. 
After yesterday's cramp issues and going off to fast, I changed the plan. I settled into a good early pace, took on salts and enjoyed myself. Like yesterday though, the second half was to be harder than the first. 

The weather wasn't as nice as day one, and on the far side of the lake, it was very windy with a head wind to deal with. My quads were starting to ache. Probably due to not ice bathing on day one! At around mile 18 it became a real mental battle. If this was day two of a double, I would've bashed the miles out to get it done. Unfortunately it's day two of seven which required me to be sensible!

I went inside myself to review the build up into the event. The last few weeks haven't been to plan, which made me think upon recent events, or more so my Oma and Opa (grandmother and grandfather). They had been married 66 years until the recent passing of my Oma. With them in my thoughts, I realised I shouldn't be dull and glum. I'm very fortunate to be able to do what I love. That's when the sweepstake idea popped into my head! See my Facebook!

Running was still tough but I had a spring back in my step, so much so, I swept the course of markers on my final lap. Crossing the line with Kaja. 5.46

It was tough but probably the most sensible race I've ran. This one was for you Oma! X

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