Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Buff Enigma Week at the Knees Day Three - The Enjoyable One

First day at Caldecotte.
Day three morning started with me feeling tired but determined. It was the first of three days at Caldecotte lake, but we were running it in reverse, Anticlockwise. The wind was a bit choppy, so I opted to wear my jacket. 

Starting off with Foxy running again, we did a small loop before the main loop and I was surprised that although I felt tired, the legs felt good. That put a smile onto my face. 

I spent the first lap chatting to the odd runner and realising I was getting to warm. So end of lap one and jacket off. 

I was then joined by Cat, who had picked up a packet a crisps but then seemed to Palm them off to everyone rather than eat them?! We chatted for a good lap and a half until I struggled to digest my bacon rasher crisps. 

I wasn't to be alone for long, as Kate was soon closing me down. We chatted for a good half a lap, but her relentless running was just to much for me. So I dropped off when we caught Martin and Traviss. 

I spent the best part of a lap and a half chatting with Traviss, and had even managed to order a pint of coke, thank you David. I did the majority of the next lap happily on my own, fully aware that day three was going to be the enoyable one.

Not long into the penultimate lap, I was rejoined by Cat. She was doing well considering she had decided to run naked (without a watch). We chatted for a little while until Vicky caught up. Cat went on to finish day three as Vicky and myself still had a lap and a bit to complete.

Vicky got a massive PB yesterday of 30 mins, so it was nice to catch up and chat. Especially as we are local to each other. I also naively thought Vicky would be pleased to plod to the finish with me, but nope, she got me running again. 

We had a really good catch up on the way around to the finish, our lives intermingled unknowingly. Sort of. Without Vicky cracking the proverbial whip, I would've slipped to over 6 hours, thankfully though we came home ten minutes slower than day two at 5.56!

Thank you to everyone for the conversation, it really helps the miles go.

On a bonus, the £2014 target has now been beaten and I shall need to think of a new one!

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