Saturday, 28 January 2012

Its the Weekend!

The weekend, the time for lie ins and doing the things that you like to do. So, i did both, sort of. Having some family coming over mid morning meant that it was a 6am wake up this Saturday morning. The need for the early rise was really to allow myself time to have and absorb breakfast. Big run ahead and it need to be done before the visit. A nice bowl of porridge and a strong coffee, followed by an oats bar, fruit bar and a packet of French Fries. Odd breakfast i know, but it put the fuel in for what i would need during my run.
Out the door at 8.30, and a nice morning to run. Cool with the sun trying to shine and warm. Wanting to up my mileage, i opted for approx 12 mile run. In the end i covered 12.38 miles in 1 hour 56 minutes, with an average mile time at 9.24 minute miles. Total elevation of 409ft. That one run alone burnt off 2148 calories!!
I got back in time to chuck myself in a 10 minute ice bath, and shower. A quick protein recovery drink and a nice coconut flavoured powerbar protein plus. That should help for the recovery. The ice bath being pretty tough every time, but its surprising how quickly you get used to the temperature. Well except for my big toes, they never do. In fact my big toes and thumbs seem to get the raw deal in my running. Thumbs seem to stay cold during my run, then big toes not only have to contend with the ice bath, they like to moan a bit on the descents to. Had an enjoyable visit from the family. Then off to see my local side Farnborough turnover local derby team and league rival Basingstoke one nil! Happy days.

Chill time now, with a very hearty and enjoyable dinner of Spicy Cajun Chicken Quinoea! Try it, i love it!

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