Monday, 23 January 2012

Monday Blues? Not Really!

Today's the first day of a new week. Most people dread Mondays and I usually do. Today I awoke with mixed emotions and differing expectations.
To put you in the picture, last night I was trawling the events page on the Runners World website. I for some reason was checking out the Ultra marathon Events! I know, i haven't even ran a half marathon in 13 years, and here I am checking out ultras! So, I noticed the North Downs Way 50, and checked out their website. In doing so I came across the volunteers section. Not being capable yet of running an ultra, I was more than able to volunteer to help on the aid stations. So I volunteered!
Back to this morning, and I did what I'm sure most of you do, I woke up, and within minutes I was checking out Facebook and my Emails. In amongst the usual Monday morning spam, was a reply to my request to be a volunteer for the North Downs Way 50. Awesome! There was more, I was being asked if I could help out with the upcoming Thames Tow Path 100 Ultra in March. So, I naturally said yes! I was in!
Good start for a Monday!
Lunchtime was an unusual time today, it was my follow ups for my post cancer checks. Thankfully only a few hours at the Hospital was required!
The rest of the day was filled with work in the office. My mind wandering ahead, looking forward to the evenings run!
My plan for the evening was to have a low intensity run, around 5miles. Instead I got caught in the solitude that running can bring, and something that I really enjoy! I know odd. In this moment I ended up covering 7 miles, and I loved every single one of them. The last mile was especially enjoyable as I neared home and my route was mainly lit by the stars shining in a beautiful clear sky!
All in all, I never felt the blues that Mondays can bring! Maybe next week??

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