Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Session

Today the wife and I decided to hit the gym early. Now I know what your thinking, I thought this was a running blog?. Well it is, but cross training I believe will benefit my running. Especially if I can do high intensity low impact work outs like spinning. Anyway, we decided to hit it early while its nice and quiet. I had a varied exercise plan, which involved a 10 minutes on the cross trainer, followed by some resistance work. A nice 20 minute cool run on the tread mill. Boy was that boring! Then a hefty 3000 metre row followed by some cool down stretches on the power plates. Quick wash followed by a nice and healthy cooked breakfast in the gym, before hitting the spa! A good one and a half hour spa session I'm relaxed!
Legs feel fresh and the heart and mind do to. Even to me it seems odd that the previous 48 hours had involved 2 long 10 mile runs! I believe I'm getting the hang of it?! Time for some chores, have a great Sunday!!

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