Saturday, 21 January 2012


Hi all, I've decided to setup this blog, to inform yourselves of my on going running missions. Also as an on line diary for myself.

The beginning. From around primary school I started to really enjoy running, which in turn lead to secondary school. At secondary school I would run in the cross country teams during winter and athletics during the summer. Oddly, the athletics events i competed in were never long distance?! After finishing secondary school I continued to run. The only event I entered after school was the Basingstoke Half Marathon in 1999, finishing in 1 hour 45 minutes. Not long after this I stopped running as I found the love of my life!
Up to this point I was probably best described as under weight and was one of those annoying people who could eat anything!! That soon changed! The extra weight I needed eventually came, but, like a private party advertised on Facebook, all its mates turned up!
I knew I was over weight, and wasn't really do much about changing it. Fooling myself that playing Sunday football and annual ski holidays would keep me fit and healthy. Wrong.
Fast forwarding to November 2009 and something wasn't right. I had a lump which I shouldn't really have. After getting it checked, I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer! 1st December and the faulty part of me was removed! Followed in January 2010 with a one off Chemotherapy treatment as a clean up.
During my period of recouping, I was talking to a friend, she informed me she had entered the Bupa Great South Run later that year. Something inside me clicked. I wanted in!! So, after eventually getting bored of the walls I stared at, and thankfully back at work I decided to do...nothing. I had signed up for the premier 10 mile run, but had yet to even run a mile let alone anywhere near 10! Not until August did I eventually get my backside into (running) gear. I trained hard and was very dedicated to the run, but, years of bodily neglect were fighting me! Race day came and I proudly finished the run in 1 hour 52 minutes. Not great, but I had done it! As soon as I got home, I booked straight away for the following years event 2011! After this I did some sporadic running including running a 10K run which involved running up the Hogs Back at Guildford! After this the running again fell to the wayside. In January 2011 I got married in Austria, and made a vow to myself that I would get back into running. Again like the previous year, it took me till September to make this promise! Something this time was different, I loved it! I ran the 2011 Bupa Great South Run in a better time of 1 hour 48 minutes, and followed up again with the Portsmouth Santa 10K in December. That brings me to now!

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